SFP Fluid Power Products

Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

Seaway Fluid Power (SFP) is pleased to offer fluid power products from Kawartha Controls complete line of Manifolds, Blocks, and Port Flanges.

Kawartha Controls is much more than a run of the mill Machine Shop; they are a complete one-stop manifold supplier that you can count on. Kawartha Controls provides outstanding on-site engineering services, 3D model designs, and support for the implementation of custom machine processes.

At Kawartha Controls, each and every design is 100 % hydraulically approved to ensure that the customer receives the best possible circuit for their specific application. The approval process takes place before any consideration is given to cutting the material.

Kawartha Controls offers in-house anodizing at a very low cost and are setup to work with aluminum, ductile iron, and steel.

Flexibility and low quantities are where SFP excels. We hold fast to our belief that the customer should never feel that they will pay more for smaller quantity orders. Because we manage all the design and build processes in-house, with a smaller team, we are well positioned to keep costs down on requests for prototypes and short runs.

Our true advantage over our competition lies in our quick response to quote requests coupled with our timely production turn-around times.

Another great feature of our operation is that if you own the Intellectual Property (IP), the design is yours to do what you like. This is different from many suppliers, who do not offer a drawing for their customer to keep on file, or that lay claim to the IP.

To learn more about SFP’s fluid power products and how they can help you fill out the quick contact form provided at the bottom of the page.