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The fluid power world has never been so dynamic. To help answer your questions, on a wide range of fluid power topics, we welcome you to the Seaway Fluid Power resource section of our website. We hope to help you get the answers you need by providing information on a variety of topics in a number of different formats. Feel free to browse the information available here in easy to use, high-quality formats.


How to Choose a Compressed Air System

There are some factors that need to be considered when choosing a Compressed Air System. This document will help you to learn more about what the factors are that really matter in making your choice.

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Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

Hydraulic fluid contamination comes from a number of different potential sources including; product contamination, storage contamination, fluid transfer contamination, operational contamination, application contamination, and maintenance contamination. This document can provide you with more detail on these topics.

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Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Presentation

Hydraulic fluid contamination can have highly adverse effects on the functioning of your hydraulic system. It is important to learn more about the types of contamination to ensure the efficient operation of your system.

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STAMPED and Hydraulic Hose Selection

To make hydraulic hose selection easier, the STAMPED acronym is an industry standard tool for helping to ensure that you choose the right hose for your specific application. You can learn more here about how the acronym works here.

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STAMPED is an acronym for the seven assessment parameters of Size, Temperature, Application, Material/Media, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery. Adhering to this guideline can help you select the correct hydraulic hose. This form can help you to put together a hose order that will get you the right hydraulic hose.

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SFP Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

To keep your equipment from the negative effects of hydraulic fluid contamination, it is important to take the proper preventative steps to prevent contamination. Learn more here.

SFP STAMPED Hydraulic Hose Selection

The equipment supplied by Seaway Fluid Power fulfills the STAMPED criteria for selecting hydraulic hose.