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SFP Standard Sub-plates


Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

SFP Standard Sub-plates are for use with a wide variety of machine tools. The following provides specifics on the standard sub-plates:

Available in:

  • NG4 / D02
  • NG6 / D03
  • NG10 / D05
  • NG16 / D07
  • NG25/ / D08


  • AA: Aluminum (210 BAR, 3000 PSI)
  • DA: Ductile (350 BAR, 5000 PSI)
  • SA: Steel (350 BAR, 5000 PSI)
Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

Porting Options:

  • S: Side Ported
  • B: Bottom Ported
  • D: Dual Ported (Side & Bottom)
  • DF: Dual Ported w/ Spin-On Filter

Relief Options:

  • X: No Relief
  • C: Common Cavity
  • S: Sun Cavity

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