Air Compressor Dryers

Compressed air dryers from Seaway Fluid Power (SFP) can deliver significantly improved air quality for your compressed air system. Improved quality for your compressed air results in improved overall efficiency for your compressed air system and protection for the investment you made in it.

Air contains moisture. At issue for a compressed air system is the fact that when the air is compressed, it increases the humidity, or water content, of the air. In fact, when compressed the humidity of compressed air can reach 100%. Having such a high water content in your air stream can cause damage to a wide variety of your compressed air system components such as valves and motors due to the creation of rust. It can also affect the smooth operation of pneumatic systems and control devices.

To avoid the potential problems described above, it is necessary to dry your compressed air. The way to accomplish this drying is with the use of a compressed air dryer.  

ASD Air Dryers

ProDry ASD Standard Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers range in capacity from ten to five hundred Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM). These dryers are computer controlled to establish a consistent dew point (the temperature point where the air is saturated with water vapour).

All ProDry ASD Air Dryers utilize a two-stage heat-exchanger, which results in increased efficiency. As a result of this increased efficiency ProDry, ASD Dryers are also energy efficient to deliver energy savings.

ProDry™ ASD Air Dryers make use of an automatic electronic drain.

HTD Air Dryers

Refrigerated, High-Temperature Air Dryers range from eighteen to fifty-two Standard Cubic Feet per Minute and can accommodate air-inlet temperatures up to 180° F. The digital control panel provides control over the dryer operations to make sure that your compressed air dryer maintains a moisture free operation for your system.

This dryer is designed for use with five to twenty-five HP piston compressors.  

DV offers tools, accessories, and installation in support of their air compressor product line. To learn more about DV’s air compressors and how Seaway Fluid Power can help you to get the most out of them fill out the quick contact form provided at the bottom of the page.