SFP Bar Manifolds

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SFP Bar Manifolds are a central component in the design of any fluid power system. Today, there is increasing demand for fluid power systems to operate at higher levels of efficiency, while striving to reduce overall operational costs. With these requirements in mind, manifolds have established their place as important components in the minds of those tasked with designing these systems.

SFP Bar Manifolds benefits include:
  • Adoption of the industry 4.0 / 4th industrial revolution “smart-factories” manufacturing process.
  • Compact design suitable for installation in confined spaces.
  • Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

  • Creative design with an expanding off-the-shelf line of fluid power products.
  • Employ Full 5 axis machinery to drive efficiency, accuracy, and repeatable quality.
  • Fewer connections resulting in fewer points of failure and improved operation.
  • Improved efficiency resulting from reduced hydraulic fluid routing.
  • Lower cost-per-part to provide value for our customers.
  • Lower installation costs as a result of design simplifications.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Simple and modifiable to suit a wide variety of customer needs.
  • Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

  • Utilization of the most technologically advanced cutting tools in the manifold manufacturing process.
SFP Bar Manifolds Accessories and Kits:
  • BMOD- BAR Manifold MODule: Bolt-on Flexible Relief, Unloading, Wide Spacing and Open Center modules.
  • BVKT- BAR Valve KiT: Tank-Top Power Unit and other Standard BAR Valve kits
  • BETR- BAR End Transition AdapTeRs: To Mix-and-Match any combination of valve sizes from NG06 to NG25 (D03 to D08)
  • MTKT- Standard BAR MounTing KiT: Foot and Vertical mounting bracket options
  • Hydraulic Hose And Fittings Canada

  • EDKT- BAR EnD mounting KiTs: Available to facilitate assembly.
  • CM- Custom Manifold: Bolt-On application specific valve packages available

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