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hydraulic hose and assembly

Hydraulic hoses are designed to transmit hydraulic fluid in fluid power systems. They offer hydraulic systems extra flexibility for the operation and protection of the overall assembly from damage as a result of wear or abrasion.

Hydraulic Hose Compatibilities:

  • Temperature- Hydraulic hoses can operate at temperatures up to hundreds of degrees Celsius. But, whenever hose assemblies are exposed to high-temperature conditions, they should be examined for signs of deterioration and damage.
  • Pressure- Hydraulic hoses can operate under high-pressure without any wear and tear.
  • Materials- You can find a hydraulic hose and assembly in various materials,such as elastomers, rubbers, fluoro polymers, metals or thermoplastics.

How to Choose a Hydraulic Hose?

When choosing a hose for any application, there are some factors to consider. These include:

  • Size: The diameter of the hose should be large enough to y but not too large to result in a poor fit.
  • Temperature: Select a hose that can withstand the highest temperature so that it won’t be damaged by excessive heat.
  • Application: Before choosing a hose, it is necessary to consider the following questions concerning the application you plan to use them with:
    • What sort of equipment is the hose going to be used with?
    • What environmental factors does the hose need to be resistant to?
    • Will the hose routing be restricted?
  • Pressure: Choose a hose which can withstand the maximum working pressure of your application.

Seaway Fluid Power is one of the best hose assembly suppliers in Ontario, Canada, providing quality hose assemblies since 1976.We have a broad collection of hydraulic hose and fittings that make replacement of hose assemblies easier. We not only provide common JIC hydraulic hose assemblies but every other connection in the industry. Also, we provide compressed air filters, instrumentation, stainless steel fittings, pneumatics and more. To learn more about our products, feel free to call us at 877-302-6283.

Seaway Fluid Power (SFP), was established in 1976. Based in St. Catherines, Ontario, SFPG provides its customers with quality fluid power products and services. SFPG carries an extensive parts inventory of fluid power products such as hydraulics, pneumatics, hose and fittings, stainless steel fittings, instrumentation and compressed air.

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