Compressed Air Aluminum Piping

Compressed air aluminum piping from Seaway Fluid Power (SFP) offers significant benefits as opposed to traditional alternatives such as plastic, stainless steel, iron or copper. The advantages provided include:

  • Aluminum Pipe Reduces Leaks
  • “A typical plant that has not been well maintained will likely have a leak rate equal to 20 % of total compressed air production capacity.” This statistic comes from a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) document.

    At issue is the threading required to establish connections in alternative compressed air piping materials. Threaded connections will invariably lead to leaks. The problem with leaks is the added expense created by forcing your compressed air system to run more than it should.

  • Aluminum Performs Better Than Copper Piping
  • Aluminum piping compares well to copper from a cost standpoint. Additionally the requirement to connect copper piping by soldering the joints. Soldering requires significant skill to successfully join the pipe sections without seeing problems arise such as leaks and a lower pressure rating.

  • Reduced Installation Time & Cost
  • The lack of threads associated with an aluminum pipe is a major reason why it is easier and faster to install. A side benefit of no threading means that there is less rubbish produced during the installation process.

  • Aluminum Piping Provides Corrosion Resistance
  • Aluminum pipe tends to produce less moisture, and hence less rust, than does steel piping. Corrosion is harmful to compressed air systems due to the restricted air flow it. This has the effect of making the compressor work harder, increasing the cost of operation.

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