DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor offers heavy-duty, high-performance while still delivering high-efficiency. This compressor functions at a 100% duty cycle making it well suited for continuous-use applications requiring dependable, dry, clean air.

The leading-edge component integration incorporated into the system results in both a compact and quiet air system. The K Series K100 delivers high-capacity air capability while maintaining stable system pressure, all within a small installation space requirement.

CSC 300 Controller

The Advanced CSC 300 Control Solution features optional sequencing of up to eight compressors, maximizing system operation.

DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor features:
  • Current (Amp) draw indicator
  • DF-Series Pre-Filter housing
  • Eight Relay Outputs (Four Configurable)
  • Microprocessor control for load/no-load and auto shut-off
  • Optional Configurable Digital Inputs
  • Optional sequencing – up to eight compressors
  • Real-time clock with pressure schedule
  • Remote Fault indicators and power restart ability
  • Remote Start/Stop operation
  • Scheduled maintenance reminder
  • Web-based system control – Optional
DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor Benefits:

Benefits of rotary screw air compressors include:

  • Adjustable pressure settings – making it adaptable to different applications
  • Compact – making the unit a space saver when installation space is at a premium
  • Fixed speed, Belt drive – great for continuous-use needs where steady compressed air delivery is important
  • Integrated Air After-Cooler –Lowers output air temperature to acceptable levels to position the refrigerated air dryer, resulting in a “dry tank.”
  • Rugged Construction –makes this model suitable for continuous operation applications
  • Silent operation – the encased rotary screw design minimizes noise improving the work environment.
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) – Matches energy use with air demand to deliver energy savings of up to 25%
DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor Specifications:
Motor Output 100 Horse Power (HP)
Air Capacity Delivery 463 Standard cubic feet per minute at 110 PSI.
Sound Volume 75 Decibels
Drive Machinery Variable Speed, Belt Drive
Fixed Speed, Belt Drive
Motor Revolutions per Minute (RPM) 3,560
Electrical Power Three Phase:
460V/113.6A, 575V/91.5A, 60Hz
DV K-Series K100 Rotary ScrewAir Compressor Components
Air Intake Filter

An advanced three stage, three-micron premium air intake filter increases both airend life and the time between fluid changes. The air intake filter provides simple servicing as it requires no tools.

Air Intake Valve

Engineered to deliver extreme reliability, the air intake valve incorporates an exclusive shape that results in a 25% enhanced air flow when fully open, coupled with a minor drop in pressure under a wide variety of applications. The fully integrated by-pass valve is designed to lower energy consumption and maintain an acceptable oil injection pressure when unloaded. The air intake valve is typically closed and couples with a non-return valve. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the reduction in the total number of parts is a key factor in delivering highly reliable performance.

Minimum Pressure Valve

This 2 stage valve facilitates airflow to the heat exchanger in those instances in which the pressure of the compressed air is greater than 60 psi, upon which cooling takes place before the air leaves the unit. The minimum pressure valve also utilized a non-return valve.


Airends deployed by DV Systems are closely regulated to ensure their compliance with the specified system operating parameters, resulting in both efficient and highly dependable performance. The direct-drive H Series products are recognizable by their large displacement, low speed (less than 4,000 revolutions per minute) rotary screw airends, meaning longer bearing life and reduced fluid breakdown. Given the increased displacement, compression loads are dispersed over bigger surface areas, which means less material deflection and improved air-coolant distribution. Rotor profiles take advantage of the most current technology related to profile geometry, resulting in increased efficiency, extended life, and reduced noise levels. Shaft bearings and the housing and rotor material comply with stringent quality specifications. All parts take advantage of precision machining supplied by ISO 9001 facilities.


Airend temperature is maximized for optimal operation by the joint operation of the aluminum block air-air after cooler, which serves to cool the compressed air exiting the unit, and the air-oil cooler which dissipates the heat created by the compression of the oil. The Cooler features a large surface area, and cleaning is easy.

Oil-Air Separator Vessel

The DV Series H50 contains a high-efficiency separation system.
At first, the majority of the oil is separated from the air using centrifugal force within the separator tank with any leftover air aerosol is separated using a two-stage filter located within the separator vessel. The level of the oil may be confirmed using an easy to read gauge.

Cyclone Moisture Separator

This optional separator utilizes centrifugal force to discard bulk liquids from the compressed air exiting the compressor unit.

Thermostatic Bypass Valve

The thermostatic bypass valve is a brass valve located in the oil filter housing which serves to make certain that the compressor attains its optimal operating temperature when it starts up. This serves to reduce any moisture risk related to the oil and helps the system to function at peak efficiency.

Oil Filter

The oil filter delivers maximum filtration efficiency providing assurance that the quality of the synthetic lubricant remains high, thereby helping to extend the useful life of the airend.

DV K-Series K100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor Accessories

DV Remote Starter Package

DV offers a remote starter package for your rotary screw air compressor. This unit allows for monitoring and remote operation of the unit by utilizing the remote panel. By making use of a keyed switch operation both safety and security are delivered to aid in the management of your air compressor. The unit is both waterproof and dustproof.

DV Electronic No Loss Automatic Draining Package

Electronic draining removes any potential condensation from the tank on a routine basis, which helps to ensure that the system continues to run at peak efficiency.

ASD 40 ProDry Refrigerated Air Dryer

Boost your systems air quality and productivity by incorporating a refrigerated air dryer. The DV Air Dryer Package contains brackets, an air filter canister, a 1 Micron filter and adapters to attach the air dryer.

  • Body shops
  • Car dealerships
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Maintenance shops
  • Wineries
  • Woodworking shops

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