Everything You Need To Know About Convoluted Teflon Hose

For applications and industries that require heat and cold resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, extremely low permeability, flex/fatigue resistance, ease of cleaning/sanitizing, UV/ozone resistance, a convoluted stainless steel flexible hose can be a perfect choice.

The advantages of Teflon hose are many. It is very important to select a suitable one. Smooth bore hoses have a minimum bend radius of 12 inches, while a convoluted hose has a 3-inch minimum bend radius. A hose with thick walls is best suited for applications where the hose needs to be flexed severely. For most marine applications, a stainless steel Teflon hose is recommended as it is more durable and has a long life. PTFE hoses can be used with any of crimp, swage, or reusable fittings as they deliver consistent performance. A convoluted Teflon hose that is exposed to severe environmental conditions should be fitted with external protection while hoses used in vacuum applicationscan be fitted with internal coils to prevent collapse.

A convoluted Teflon hose is designed to outlast ordinary rubber hoses under all types of operating conditions, thus, justifying the extra money that is typically spent on it. In addition to adding a factor of safety to the application it is being used in, it also reduces the warranty costs. Also, a convoluted hose exhibits better crush resistance in vacuum applications.

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