Griplok Stainless Instrumentation Fittings

DuoLok Stainless Steel

Griplok stainless instrumentation fittings come in various sizes, materials and assembly options. Tube fitting Adapters are versatile facilitating connections to NPT thread, SAE thread or BSP thread pipe, and creating welded tube and pipe connections.

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Griplok Stainless Instrumentation Tube Fitting Specifications
Type Dual-Ferrule Compression Fitting
Sizes Fractional: 1/16 to 2 in
Maximum Operating Pressure 12,000 psig (825 bar) @ 100° F (38° C)
Temperature Range -325° F to 1200° F
(-198° to 648° C)
Materials Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, alloy 400, C-276.
Other materials are also available on request.
Adapters NPT Threads (FNPT, MNPT), BSP Threads (BSPP, BSPT), SAE threads, AN Fittings, tube socket weld, pipe socket weld, port connectors, tube stubs
Configurations Elbows, tees, connectors, adapters, unions crosses, caps, plugs
Special Fittings Bored-through, dielectric, calibration, bulkhead, tube inserts
Gyrolok® and Griplok Stainless Instrumentation Fittings Intermix & Interchangeability

Griplok tube fittings are devised and constructed and sold to be completely “interchangeable” with Hoke® Gyrolok® tube fittings. The high-quality manufacturing of the products to exacting tolerances under demanding quality control processes serves to ensure high levels of both safety, and performance. This is accomplished while also providing reliable service wherever Gyrolok and Griplok tube fittings are implemented in line with established installation and service procedures.

Griplok Technology
Griplok TechnologyGriplok tube fittings make use of a two-ferrule design with exceptional geometry, precision machining, and unequaled material quality, to deliver leak-tight remakeable seals even during applications involving high vibration and significant temperature changes. This leak-tight seal results from the sequential interaction of the nut, front and back ferrules, the body, and the tubing.


Griplok tube fittings are machined from type 316 stainless steel cold-finished bar stock in agreement with ASTM A-276 and ASTM A-479. Elbows, tees, and crosses are constructed from close-grained 316 stainless steel forgings in compliance with ASTM A-182. All 316 stainless steel. All parts are heat code traceable.


Griplok tube fittings are fabricated and bagged individually in order to deliver the best levels of quality and hygiene available. The fittings are provided in packaging that is easy to use and comes in small lots to simplify procurement and handling. Additionally, in order to provide effective product identification and storage, the individual boxes are color-coded and labeled, including a picture of the product, part #, part size, and product description.


Griplok tube fittings deliver simplified installation making use of hand tools or automatic installers like the TurnPro automatic swaging tool.

Griplok Approvals

Griplok tube fittings have been tested and approved by the following organizations:

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • TUV ECE R110
  • PG&E Approval
Tools and Accessories

SFP offers the tools and accessories necessary to support tube fitting assembly and installation along with tube cutting, preparations, and bending.

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