High-Pressure Hose Fittings Made of Stainless Steel are an Ideal Choice!

Hydraulic steel fittings come in either carbon or stainless steel options.It can be difficult to make broad generalizations on the differences between carbon and stainless steel because there are so many varieties of each.

What ultimately defines stainless steel is the chromium content in the steel which must be at least 10.5% to qualify as stainless.

Stainless steel fittings have been around for quite a while. Owing to their amazing properties, stainless steel fittings are extremely popular in Canada. Stainless steel is a hard metal and does not lose its shape when molded. Also, since it is non-corrosive, it is used for manufacturing high-pressure stainless steel fittings across the globe.

There are some other reasons that account for the increasing demand forhigh-pressure hose fittings made up of stainless steel for industrial purposes. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Acid Resistant: While the ability of stainless steel to resist corrosion from acids is dependent upon the specific composition of the stainless steel, and the type of acid involved, stainless steel is generally far more resistant to acid than other kinds of steel
  • Resistance against corrosion, rust, and fire: A lot of metals give in to corrosion very easily and quickly, while components made out of stainless steel stay unaffected for a longer period of time. Stainless steel offers a strong resistance against rust as well. It is the chromium content of stainless steel that gives rise to its ability to resist corrosion. The chromium interacts with the stainless steel forming chromium oxide which coats the steel and provides the corrosion resistance that stainless steel is so well known for. High-pressure hose fittingsmade up of stainless steel are capable of resisting fire and all sorts of combustion activities. All these factors strongly support the usage of this type of material in almost every possible environment.
  • Bacteria and Germ Resistance:Stainless steel is non-porous by nature meaning that it is resistant to both bacteria and germs. This is another factor in favour of stainless steel fittings for hygienic environments.
  • Easy maintenance:The maintenance of stainless steel fittings is easier than fittings made up of any other metal. Since they possess qualities like durability and longevity, they do not need to be replaced as frequently as they last for several years.
  • Easy cleaning:Due to a smooth surface, stainless steel does not get dirty easily. Even when it does under extreme conditions, it is an easy to clean surface.

Adaptability to temperature changes:Many metals can experience significant expansion and contraction when introduced to severe temperature changes. This expansion/contraction cycle can

lead to loosening of connections and metal fatigue over time. Stainless steel experiences less expansion and contraction impact than other metals.

  • Shock absorption: Stainless steel has a well-deserved reputation for strength. As a result of this stainless steel, fittings are an excellent choice for those applications where there exists the potential for blows or impacts to the hydraulic system. The inherent strength of stainless steel fittings makes them better able to withstand such shocks to the system.
  • Ductile: One aspect of stainless steel fittings is that they are typically less brittle than carbon steel due to their higher nickel content. The higher carbon content found in regular steel results in a steel that is more susceptible to cracking under pressure.

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