Maintenance Tips for Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are designed to prevent leakage, but unfortunately, with regular use, there may be some deterioration over time. As a result of this,they might not serve their intended function as well as they could. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent leakage. Even if you don’t care much about a small leak, damaged hydraulic hoses can be a significant safety risk. Why should you care? If you do not maintain your hydraulic hoses properly, you may need to replace them earlier than necessary, which will increase both your expenses and downtime.

Here are some maintenance tips to extend the life of your hydraulic hoses:

  1. Avoid contamination: When replacing a hose assembly, make sure the replacement has been thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination of the hydraulic fluid.
  2. Clean fittings on a regular basis: Regularly check the fittings and clean them, if necessary. Dust and dirt in hydraulic fittings can degrade the overall performance of the hoses and the hydraulic system.
  3. Identify the right hose: Heavy equipment can carry out several functions,and every function may require different nominal pressure. Always keep in mind that it is very hazardous to use an incorrect hose, even in a temporary capacity.
  4. Maintain the correct temperature and store hoses in a dry area: Keep hydraulic hoses away from the sun as it ages them. Store them in a dry location. Make sure that when in use, the temperature of the hydraulic fluid is within the stated temperature range of the hose.
  5. Take quick actions: Respond quickly in the event of a failing hose. Switch off the machine and let it pressure down. Disconnect the hose, and in case hydraulic fluid is leaking, do not inspect the hose without safety equipment, including gloves and eye wear.

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