Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Convoluted Teflon Hoses

Buying the best convoluted Teflon hoses isn’t as easy as you would think. With a wide range of choices and time constraints, mistakes can be made resulting in your ending up with the wrong hose for your application.

In this blog, we will help you to avoid some common mistakes while buying these hoses for your specific application.

Letting the price be the only factor:

Some people will only consider the price of the convoluted Teflon hoses when choosing them. That is the biggest mistake one can make while purchasing them. Their price range can vary drastically, causing confusion. A premium product, priced accordingly, could double the lifespan of the hose as compared to lower cost options.

Not checking if they are abrasion resistant

According to research, the most common cause of hose failure is abrasion. Abrasion is the result of the consistent contact with particulates within the hydraulic fluid which functions much like sandpaper to the inside of the hose.

Abrasion can also result from the high velocities achieved by some hydraulic fluid applications.To counter hose abrasion consideration should be given to the use of abrasion resistant hose to ensure you have a long lasting convoluted hose.

Bends within a hose layout increase the potential for friction and abrasion. To deal with this aspect of hose abrasion attention should be paid to the stated maximum bend radii of the hose to be used.

The amount of available space, or lack thereof, is another factor to consider when determining the appropriate type of abrasion protection. In tight, constricted spaces or in applications where adding extra weight is a concern, using a hose sleeve or guard may not be practical. Abrasion-resistantcovers can reduce the overall assembly weight,and their flexibility allows routing through tight spaces. Alternately, hose guards and wraps may be used if the friction encountered is relatively minor and protection needs to be added to an existing assembly.

Forgetting to buy covers

The overall resistance of a hose to collapse (referred to as hoop strength) is determined based upon the hoses construction. As a general statement hose with smaller internal diameters are better able to resist collapse than are hoses that have thicker wall diameters. One way to provide additional support for hoses to increase hoop strength is to utilize hose covers.

Covers come in various quality levels such as good, better, and best, with further quality variations available around these general levels. If you think that buying a standard hose and using a premium cover can reduce costs, you are mistaken, as this combination will not match the lifespan of the premium hose, premium cover combination.

Specific abrasion resistant covers include:

Hose Shields

Another way to counter hose abrasion is with the use of hose shields. Hose shields are typically plastic covers that deliver protection to smaller sections of hose. Hose shields have the advantage of being low cost. As may be inferred from the low cost of this solution hose shields are not recommended for applications featuring heavy levels of abrasion.

Armor and Spring Guards

These guards provide a step up in terms of abrasion protection as compared to hose shields. Guards come in a wide variety of materials and configurations making them quite flexible regarding their application. It should be noted that guards also offer resistance to kinking and crushing.

The use of hose covers is not entirely related to preventing hose collapse. In addition to fortifying hoop, strength hose covers also serve as abrasion protection and offer additional safety.

Ignoring the warranty

If you want to minimize your hose repairs, do not forget to check the warranty when buying the product. The warranty is writtenproof that, if something goes wrong with the product, the company will repair it free of cost.

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