Reasons Why Smooth Bore PTFE Hoses Are Well Suited

For The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene is a versatile material that fits well with a wide range of applications but is best known for its non-stick properties. Before we get to why PTFE braided hoses are better than other hoses for food processing and the pharmaceutical industry, let us take a look at the benefits they offer:

  • Abrasion-resistant

They protect from the wear due to frictionthat can be created in the transport of various media.

  • Chemically inert

These are resistant to most commonly used solvents and hydrocarbons. With near zero corrosion rate, these hoses are well suited to sanitary applications.

  • High dielectricity

Makes these hoses a poor conductor of electricity. This is important in sanitary applications as it blocks electrical currents to ensure accuracy in monitoring instruments. Many food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications operate to strict tolerances which require accurate measurements.

  • Low coefficient of friction

Reduced noise, lighter weight, and reduced wear are all benefits associated with smooth bore PTFE hoses that feature a low coefficient of friction. Combined these result in a longer useful life for the hose which lowers costs.

  • Low moisture retention

This trait of smooth bore PTFE hoses helps to prevent the growth of mold or mildew which can be dangerous in food and beverage processing applications. Molds can be a danger to people that have allergies or respiration issues. In extreme cases, molds can produce poisons which are detrimental to any potential consumer of the product being manufactured.

  • Temperature resistance

These hoses operate very well even at high temperature. This is important in many food and beverage processing operations where the product involved must often be heated to high temperatures to ensure pasteurization.

  • UV-resistant

Resistance to UV serves to extend the usefullife of the hose. This is important for any hose applications exposed to the environment.

PTFE is both 3A and FDA compliant, and that is why smooth bore PTFE hose is in frequent use by pharmaceutical and food industries. Other industries where PTFE convoluted hoses are widely used include semiconductor, automotive, chemical, food and beverage processing, and petrochemical industries. The unparalleled combination of steel braiding with smooth bore hose provides the much-needed strength for high-pressure applications. Another reason why PTFE smooth bore Teflon hose is given a higher preference is that it is among the most affordable fluoropolymers in the market. It is recognized as having one of the best performance to price ratios.

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