SAE Split Flange

SAE Split flange
Stainless Steel SAE Split flange

Part #SeriesØ inSizeDIM LØCØD
ZBBP3083023000 PSI30.21.2"38,130,968,75
ZBBP3123813000 PSI38.13.4"47,6338,8910,75
ZBBP3164453000 PSI44.51"52,3745,2410,75
ZBBP3205083000 PSI50.81"1.458,7251,5911
ZBBP3246033000 PSI60.31"1.269,8561,0913,5
ZBBP3327143000 PSI71.42"77,7772,2413,5
ZBBP34810243000 PSI102.43"106,38102,3916,75
ZBBP6083186000 PSI31.81.2"40,4932,548,75
ZBBP6124136000 PSI41.33.4"50,842,0611
ZBBP6164766000 PSI47.61"57,1548,4113
ZBBP6205406000 PSI541"1.466,6854,7615
ZBBP6246356000 PSI63.51"1.279,3864,2917
ZBBP6327946000 PSI79.42"96,8280,1621

Tools and Accessories
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